Richard Kuritzkes, M.D.


Kristina Neagos is board-certified by the American Board of Nurse Practitioners and has more than 10 years experience in gastroenterology and liver disease.

Treatment Philosophy

Since gastrointestinal disorders can create a great deal of worry, anxiety, and discomfort, I strive to provide top quality medical care in an efficient, patient-friendly and compassionate environment. Utilizing the latest in technological advances and knowledge, the care will be tailored to each patient’s condition and special needs.

I strongly believe that patients come first, and those who choose our practice should feel that their concerns and questions are adequately addressed and answered in a supportive way. I welcome and encourage patient participation in their health care, as I believe education is the foundation of good health. We form long-lasting relationships with most of our patients while helping them achieve optimal results.

I am very respectful of patient time and privacy. In my practice, every effort is being made to ensure easy access and to minimize waiting time. Patient feedback is always welcome.